Men's Spurs

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Colorado Trainer Spur E Garcia Spurs High Country Spur Strap
Colorado Trainer SpurE Garcia SpursHigh Country Spur Strap

These spurs are a way to effectively communicate with the horse in a gentle way. A stainless steel spur with no rowel, knob end, 1 1/2" shank. 3/4" band and swinging buttons.

Spurs from E Garcia. slightly tarnished.

Inlaid silver hearts.

Blue finish.


A finished, well made, high quality basket stamped spur strap that is at home in the show ring or out on the trail.






Montana Spur Strap Mustanger Spur Rough Stock Spur Strap
Montana Spur StrapMustanger SpurRough Stock Spur Strap

High quality Montana style basket stamped spur straps. Two piece for extra adjustability. The best quality leather and great looking basket stamping!

A good looking and easy wearing spur that works to effectively communicate with a horse. A stainless steel gooseneck spur with engraved brass overlay on the band and shank. 1/2" band with 2" shank, brass rowels and brass buttons.

Designed to be pulled on to tighten the spur starps are made from heavy, top grain latigo specifically for the bull and bronc riders. Heavy buckle on one end and dee on the other. Heavy tab. 1" width Made in Colorado - U.S.A.




San Angelo Spur The Cow Country Spur
San Angelo SpurThe Cow Country Spur

A black steel Mexican style spur. 1" wide band with 2 1/4" seven point black rowels. The rowels can be locked for more direct contact.

A stainless steel, long shank spur with 3/4" band that has been file knotched top and bottom. 2 1/4" gooseneck shank, 1 1/4", 10 point brass rowels and brass buttons. A well balanced working spur