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    Award Design Colt Firearms Collection Buckle Black Bart Derby Boss of the Plains
    Award Design Colt Firearms Collection BuckleBlack Bart DerbyBoss of the Plains

    Collector's edition Buckle form Award Design Medals

    6" CROWN

    2 5/8" BRIM

    4 1/4" FLAT TOP CROWN 


    Our B.O.P done in a Stetson Felt





    Bull Rider (7") Doc Holliday Fine Palm Free Grazer
    Bull Rider (7")Doc HollidayFine Palm Free Grazer

    7" Crown

    5" Brim

    We can't make the Bullrider quite like this anymore so get em while you can! 

    4 3/4" Crown

    4"  Brim

    5 1/4" CROWN

    3 1/2" BRIM 




    Glen Ford Justified Stetson Knudsen Bat Masterson
    Glen FordJustified StetsonKnudsen Bat Masterson

    4 3/4" CROWN
    3 1/2" BRIM

    Replica hat made with Stetson Felt

    5 " Crown

    2 5/8" BRIM 




    Knudsen Fedora Knudsen Magnificent Seven (2016) Knudsen Pistolero
    Knudsen FedoraKnudsen Magnificent Seven (2016)Knudsen Pistolero

    4 1/2" Crown

    2 3/4" Brim

    4" Telescope Crown

    3 1/5" Brim

    6" CROWN

    6" BRIM 

    Horse Hair Band Included. Size will be a little big