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2" Cartridge Gun Belt 3" Cartridge Belt Anson Mills Belt
2" Cartridge Gun Belt3" Cartridge BeltAnson Mills Belt

2" Cartridge Belt They have soft cowhide lining and have cartridge loops nearly end to end. This makes them unusually authentic. The holster is simply put over the loops. Whether or not you have cartridges in those loops.

3" Cartridge Gun Belt

Border tooled and pigskin lined to match our custom holsters.  

20 Cartridge loops on the belt.  

45-70 Rifle Calibers Size is adjustable up to 52" Anson Mills was an Army officer who designed the woven belt for the army. It became popular because the cotton avoided what was called verdigris or corrosion of the cartridge case.




Bill Hickock Officers Belt Curly Bill Belt Ringo Gun Belt
Bill Hickock Officers BeltCurly Bill BeltRingo Gun Belt

Bill Hickock Authentic Replica Belt

Made with extra thick black latigo leather.

This officer belt was used pre civil war til after 1900

Curly Bill Tombstone Movie Replica Belt 2" Belt with Rivets Curly's Bill's Belt in the movie Tombstone is the color Dark Mahogany and he wore 2 of the same belt, criss crossed over one another

Ringo Tombstone Movie Replica Belt.  

3" Cartridge Belt with replica rivets & conchos.  

Ringo's Belt in the movie was black




Texas Brigade Belt
Texas Brigade Belt

Civil War Texas Brigade Officers Authentic Replica Belt

Black latigo leather with large star buckle.